Engraving Plus Gideon & Auxiliary Name Tags

How We Got Started

My dad, Floyd Judd, had a passion for the Gideon work, he served as a Gideon for over 46 years. Dad had a small engraving business he started after retiring from the Federal Aviation Agency as a Electronics Engineer.  In the past 10 years his business was solely Gideon badges and name tags.

Dad was diagnosed with a brain tumor on Dec 30, 2014.  He said he would win either way...beat cancer or go home to Jesus!  Dad passed away on Feb 21, 2015...his 85th birthday!  

One of his last comments to me....he felt he was letting the Gideons down, if he wasn't able to provide name tags.  I have been contacted by numerous people since dad's passing, wanting to place orders.  My husband (Michael) felt led to continue the business, to honor dads memory...so here we are :)

Michael Meyers was born into a Jewish home – and became a Believer (he says he is now a completed Jew!) when he was 33.  Karen Judd Meyers was raised in a Christian home and became a Believer at 9 years old.  We currently reside in Mesa, Arizona and worship at Sun Valley Christian Church!

We look forward to providing the products...we know many of you want!


Michael & Karen Meyers