Engraving Plus Gideon & Auxiliary Name Tags

Gideon Name Badge

Exactly as you want it to read, i.e. "Monroe County, TN" or "North East Dallas Camp" we use standard State abbrev (TX for Texas)
Exactly as you want it shown, double check spelling. For multiple orders, you can copy/paste from a spreadsheet into box below.

Gideon Pocket Badge - For use in suit or shirt pocket.  This is perfect for when you are speaking at a church or placing Bibles!  The front part that hangs over the pocket is ~ 3 7/16 wide x 2 1/4 high (the part that slips into the pocket is 3 3/4 high).  

NOTE: We use standard abbreviation for states, when they are requested in Camp Name, both in capital letters (Arizona would be AZ)